YouTube TV vs HULU TV 2020

YouTube TV vs HULU TV 2019

So two major apps out there that both provide you, the ability to read live TV through the internet so as we’re entering the next decade of the 2000s. A lot of people are starting to cut their cable they’re, starting to cut their satellite TV, whatever they’re, reading and they’re going towards online streaming services.

YouTube TV vs HULU TV 2019

YouTube TV

Where you can read, live TV, so live sports. Live news, live whatever is on regular cable TV. You can read it online using one of these two apps, so I’m going to go in this article and I’m going to dive deeper and show you the differences, the ins and outs of both of these apps with a totally honest review. So I say an honest review and I really do mean that, because this is based on my own experience as well as what I’ve read on the Internet – and this is totally unspun surd, so I have nothing to gain by whichever one you choose.
I just want to show you guys, which app is actually better based on my own experience now before I get too far into this article, I want to say if, at any point you decide you like this article or find any value in it at all. Please remember to go down and click the like and subscribe button so that more people can see this article and gain the same value out of it that you did okay. So I think I want to start this article off with YouTube TV on the app.

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Then I’ll go to Hulu TV on the app and then I’m going to go over to my desktop for both of them, because I think both are very important. So a lot of people are going to be reading this on their desktop or on their phone. So, starting off on your phone you’ll open up the app and you’ll see right here. This is not at all like the traditional YouTube you’re used to, because there’s not pre-recorded articles as much as there are all live articles.
So it looks very different in interface and, as you go across the top, the top picks for you. These might be shows that or you know, blogs that you’ve readed before or maybe when you first signed up, they ask you what you like, and you said you like these certain things and so that’s why it’s going to show you certain things showing up at the Top so one thing I want to mention is that whenever you see the little red live icon on the bottom left, that means that that show is actually playing live right now, so you can’t fast forward or rewind you’re.
Getting going to you’ll be able to read it in real time now, as you go down, you’ll see other things that might be more pre-recorded stuff. So, as you see right here Ted, so I started reading that just to see what it was like and it’s something that played, I believe a couple days ago. It played – and it’s saved on here so released four weeks ago. So this released four weeks ago and it’s still available now now, if I wanted it to be available for even longer so I don’t know when they’re going to take this down, but if I want it to be available longer I’ll go down right now.
I have it saved, let’s remove it, so I can show you guys, so you hit ad right there and it’ll put it into your DVR. So one thing about YouTube: is you have unlimited DVR storage? So you can store as much article as you want on the online cloud DVR that YouTube gives you. So where is that located? Let’S just go right over there right now. If you go to library, you’ll go and you’ll be able to see. You know your recordings.


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