Top 13 Galaxy S10 Features (New Samsung One UI)

Top 13 Galaxy S10 Features

It feels different. It has some different features, and so in this article I’m going to show you 13 of my favorite features of one UI. Some of them are specific to the s10, although most of them are pretty generic for any phone running one UI. So before I get too into this, I want to say: you’re, probably seeing a lot of other articles out there, where people tell you how great it is with one hand, everything is down at the bottom, they tell you about dark mode, and then they tell you How bad TouchWiz was and like all the other ones from before, so in this article, I’m really not aiming to do that.

Top 13 Galaxy S10 Features

Top 13 Galaxy S10 Features

I’M really just going to show you 13 of my favorite features. Some of them are specific to the s10, although most of them, you can probably use on the note or a lot of the other phones that might be using one UI, the first one and again not in any particular order. But you can go down to device care within settings and you can actually optimize your phone really quickly, which is one quick button.
So, rather than going in and changing you know your brightness and all these other settings to optimize your battery and maybe other settings to clear your cache and free up some RAM. Even though this is a very powerful phone, it’s great to just optimize everything with one quick button. There it’ll also make sure that everything’s secure if you’re running background apps, it might close them and overall she’s going to make your phone run more smoothly.
So it’s going to be quicker and it’s going to last longer number two is the palm swipe option where you can literally just swipe your palm across the screen and it’ll take a screenshot on the bottom. It shows you that you took a screenshot. You can go in like edit, it circle things whatever and then share it with other people. Whatever you want to do, you know it’s cool that you can just hit. You know take a screenshot by swiping your palm instead of having to use the button.
Number three is the edge panel. So if you swipe over from the edge you’ll, have a panel right there and you can – you know you can really customize this to have whatever you want. You can have multiple edge panels so right now I have those are apps that I chose to put right. There I can swipe over and get into some quick tools where I have like a flashlight. I have like a ruler, a surface level and a bunch of things like that.
You can also go into the Galaxy store and get quite a few more. Some of them will have shortcuts to websites or maybe little games or whatever you want, there’s a lot of different options to have on the little sidebar number. For, of course, a lot of people say this, but I can’t not say it. I have to point it out. There is night mode on here, so if you go into your display settings, you can turn it into a dark mode easier to look at.
You can also add a blue light, filter and sort of how I want to tie that into another thing is: if you go down to advanced settings, you can go into big speed routines and you can actually change like different times of the day different locations. Maybe if you’re connected to Bluetooth – and you can change a lot of things on your phone and so, for example, if you say every time, you know it’s like 10:00 p.


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