New Galaxy Fit by Samsung [2019 New Galaxy Wearable]

New Galaxy Fit by Samsung

There’S only about $ 100 relatively cheap compared to their other smartreades and considering how small, how light this is, how durable it is, has an extremely long battery life and an amazing screen.
There’S a lot to talk about with this little product right here. So I’ll be talking about the functions and the features of this, as well as the pros and the cons I found after using this for only a few days so far, so a brand new product like I said, I’ve been using it and yes, there are actually Some cons with this, but overall it’s an amazing product with a lot to talk about. So let’s get right into it before we get too far into this article.

New Galaxy Fit by Samsung

New Galaxy Fit by Samsung

If you’re new, here and you’re interested in the newest tech coming out every single week be sure to go down and click the subscribe button and the bell icon, it’s important, you click the bell icon, otherwise, YouTube will not notify you of when the newest stuff comes Out and then you won’t know so, let’s start off with what actually comes in the box. So when you first open up the box, you’ll see you get your SmartWatch in there.
You get your charger andand a little on the back side of the lid. You have your manual. If anyone actually cares about the manual you can find it right there, but otherwise your read and your charger are really all that actually come with this now. The charging cable right here, you’ll see, is pretty standard for a lot of smartreades where it is wireless charging. Unfortunately, it’s not that fast I’ll talk about that later on, but this charger – all you do is you just you know, set it on like that.
It has a magnet, actually it’s a really really strong magnet, so you have to shake it pretty hard to get it off. I think it’s a very you know a good level of magnet there, though so you can put it on there. You don’t have to worry about it, but it’s pretty easy to take it off whenever you want, so you just set that wherever you want to charge it and when you actually plug it in and charge it you’ll have a sideways display as I’ll show you on The screen right now so just give you guys a quick tour of the device right here.
You’Ll see on the front, you have the point: nine five inch AMOLED screen. It’S actually really nice very sharp screen. You can see all the all the apps that you open and everything on there is a very easy to read and it actually has some very nice color in it. So an excellent screen, I’m very impressed by that and then on the side. You’Ll see this side has nothing, but on the other side there is a button right there.
This is going to be your home button or your power button. Also the button that, if you press and hold it, you can start an exercise or if you are in under water mode, you can press and hold that to get out of underwater mode. Overall. This is a very light product, only 23 grams, including the straps which you can take off. If you look at the back right there, there is a clip on this side and on that side that you can use to replace the strap, so you just unclip them and put whatever strap you want on.


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