NEW Fitbit Inspire HR | Full Review 2019

NEW Fitbit Inspire HR | Full Review 2019

Essentially, you know what you’re looking for out of an expensive read.
So some people don’t want to buy the 400 or the $ 300 reades, because all they really want is they want to track their sleep. They want their heart rate, they want to track their exercises and they want notifications. That might be it for a lot of people and, if that’s the situation for you, you could save a lot of money by buying this device. So in this article I’ll be reviewing this and testing out the claims on the Box to see whether or not this is the device for you before you actually even buy it.

NEW Fitbit Inspire HR

NEW Fitbit Inspire HR Review

I want to show you guys everything about this device. Give you a full in-depth review. So if this is your first time here and you have not yet subscribed but you’re interested in the latest tech just like this be sure to go down and click the subscribe button and the bell icon, I make articles every single week about app reviews and tech Reviews make sure you also click the bell icon. Otherwise, YouTube will not tell you when I upload a article okay guys.
So, let’s open this up and see what’s in the box now, admittedly, I did already use this for a couple days now, so I repackage it just to show you guys what it comes like when you get it. So you have the read right there and then in the bottom, this little sort of box right there and you have your charger and you also have an extra strap right there or an extra long strap. So you can change it. If you have a larger wrist, that would be what you would use and then also the manual.
So next on give you guys a tour of this device and show you the different features of it and the different components. Okay, so starting off on the back you’ll see you do have your heart rate sensor right there, so you have a little flashing green light that it’s going to be reading your heart rate and then at the top. You have three little little pads right there. That’S how you’re going to be charging it, so it’s actually not a wireless charger, as you can see here on this little charger.
So as you can see on a little charging pad, there are two little pins right there that go and connect with this. This is magnetic so when you put the read on there, it holds on you know moderately well, it’s enough to hold the read in place if you’re plugged in, but one huge complaint is how short this cable is. So if you are charging – and you want this anywhere except right on the wall, you are out of luck – need an extender for this, so you’ll see on the bottom, then that you can take these little straps off.
So if we take the strap off, you can replace it with a longer one. So, like I said before, if you have a larger wrist and you want a larger strap, you do have that it’s significantly longer, and so it should fit almost anybody when you get this now, as we continue around, you have a traditional little belt, buckle style on That side, I guess most reades – have that I point that out because the Galaxy fit does not have that and I’ll talk about that in another article next week, where I’ll be comparing this to the Galaxy fit.
So as we go around, the only other thing really to talk about is the button and the screen, and so the button essentially has a couple different functions. It’S the only mechanical actuation on this entire thing, so you have the button that is going to turn it on. It’S also going to bring you to the home screen, as you can see right there. If you press and hold it, it’ll bring you over to your notifications or essentially just a quick settings toolbar right there, where you can see the battery you can see.


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