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They make some really bold claims about that. So they say just for anywhere from twenty five to fifty dollars. You can buy this little device and equip your car with their voice assistant, which can act as your copilot, which can help you navigate. Send text calls and a lot more than that.
But what really is the echo Auto, and does it do anything that your phone already cannot do? What can you do with Echo Auto Echo Auto lets you make the most of your time in the car. Add items to your to-do and shopping lists, set reminders or manage your calendar while your eyes stay on the road with location-based features. Echo Auto also helps you get to where you’re going. So I don’t want to make this article just a montage of me sitting in my car, asking the echo Auto to do things.



So I think most of you probably already understand how a voice assistant works and where I want to focus on in this article is how well this device itself works and what kind of value it offers when you’re in a car. So just a quick disclaimer. I will be muting out any time I say the voice assistants name just in case. You have one in your home, so we don’t accidentally summon it non-stop throughout the article ok.
So I want to get into a mechanical tour of this device to show you essentially what it looks like. So it’s small, simple, it’s a lightweight device and it’s not really like anything I’ve ever put in my car on the front. You see you have eight different microphones now the eight microphones are important, because that’s one of the big advantages to having this as opposed to just using your phone, so the eight microphones should make it easier for this device to hear what you’re saying and interpret what You’Re saying no matter where you are so roads obviously are not quiet.
You have traffic, you have wind, you have music playing a lot going on. I will be testing that out later on in the article, then we have two buttons on the front, one of them. It’S pretty self-explanatory, it’s to mute this, so it does not listen to you. This does not mute your music playing through your stereo. Then we have the little summon button right there, which essentially summons the voice assistant on the bottom or sort of on the front side.
Depending on how you have is oriented, we have a little light bar right there, and this light bar is a way for it to communicate with you, while you’re driving and while it’s you know interacting with you, then, on the right side, we have two ports right. There we have a micro USB now it does require that you plug this in at all times, because there is no battery on this. Unfortunately, so you’re going to have some wires coming down, there’s some wire management that you’re able to do a little bit, but regardless you’re probably going to have wires hanging in your car.
If you use this device, then the second port is an auxiliary port. So just a regular headphone style Jack right there, and that is not to connect to your phone, that is, to connect to your car if your car does not have bluetooth, so that is optional, which is good to know if you want to connect by bluetooth. It’Ll connect to your phone and your phone will connect to your car. You won’t have two things connected to your car, so sort of to explain that better, there’s two ways you can set this up and in either case you will have your phone and the echo auto connected by bluetooth.
Now the first way you can set it up will have your phone connected to your car by bluetooth. So if your phone is able to connect to multiple devices by bluetooth and if your car has bluetooth, that’s probably the better and easier option for you. The second option, though, would be to connect this to your car by the aux cord right there, in which case it essentially enables you to use bluetooth on a car that otherwise does not have bluetooth.


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