New Amazon Fire TV Stick

New Amazon Fire TV Stick

Firetv stick. So this is going to be an in-depth review of this stick and essentially how you can plug it into the back of any TV, the apps you can get on it. How well it works with different TVs as well as what is different about the newest remote, which supposedly can control any TV as well as the fire stick.
So there’s a lot to talk about in this article, let’s jump right into it. So I’ve seen a lot of other articles out there about the fire stick, and some of them are just plain unboxings. They didn’t talk about them. Some of them are older versions. Some of them talked about apps that you can’t get on here anymore, and so I wanted to make an updated one for 2019 or 2020. The newest model of the Amazon fire TV stick to really show you guys.

New Amazon Fire TV Stick

New Amazon Fire TV Stick

You know whether or not you want to buy this. Is this something that actually is worth it for you to spend $ 40 or $ 30 on this and buy it for your TV or is it you know? Maybe it’s not for everybody? Maybe you want to stick with your cable and your antenna and your satellite or whatever you might be using so there’s really a lot to talk about here. First, I want to say: if you’re not familiar with amazon firetv sticks, you don’t actually need an Amazon Prime account.

So it’s not going to be any monthly charge to you to use this. It’S just going to be. You know whatever you pay up front so 30 dollars to buy this and then you’ll set up an Amazon account which won’t cost you any money, and you don’t have to sign up for Prime and it’ll still work. Just fine. You just won’t get all the Amazon. Prime blogs, you can still get free TV and lots of other apps on here I’ll talk about those later on in this article.

So if you’re looking at this and you’re going to say all right Mike, I get it this little black rectangle plugs into the back of my TV, but maybe it doesn’t fit on my TV. So what if you have a TV that you know you plug this up underneath and the TV curves out, and then this stick is so long. It doesn’t fit well lucky for you, it’s 2019 right now, and that is the year of the dongle. So this is by no exception, you have a dongle coming in the box.

You can plug this in and you know complete your whole home to ongo system and just plug it into the back. Your TV in any orientation so really convenient right there and then, if we can get a close-up right here, you’ll see the only other thing on this little box. This little fire stick is actually the power port right there. So, looking at this Amazon fire TV stick up close, this is the newest generation.
It’S 3.4 inches long 1.2, inches wide and 1/2 inch thick, so relatively small and, as I said, you can use the dongle if it doesn’t fit. On the back of your TV. You have the HDMI output right there and then you also have your micro USB power supply on the side, so this can show up to 1080p for 60 frames per second, it weighs 1.1 ounces. So, as I said, relatively small, the processor on the inside is quad core erm 1.
3 gigahertz. So it’s going to be decently quick, a much quicker than some of the older models you might have seen. This also has 8 gigabytes of internal storage. That’S primarily going to be for apps or photos, you’re not going to be really be able to download any articles on this and read like if your power or your internet goes out or anything of that sort. So you really won’t be banking on this for entertainment.


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