DirecTV Now vs Hulu TV 2019

DirecTV Now vs Hulu TV 2019

So after my most recent article about YouTube TV and Hulu TV, a lot of people requested, I compared Hulu TV to DirecTV now, and that is exactly what I’m doing for you guys today in this article now.
On top of that, a lot of people also requested that I review these two apps on my laptop, as well as on a smart TV as opposed to just on my phone. So that’s what I’m going to do for you guys in this article I’m going to dive in and show you all of the little differences between these two apps. So you can make the best choice before going and paying for these subscriptions and cancelling your cable or your satellite television.

DirecTV Now vs Hulu TV 2019

DirecTV Now

So, like my other articles, this article is completely unspun sered. It really is just based, on my own, honest observations as well as what I’ve read online from reviews, so I combined all the different resources I had to give you guys the best review possible, the most honest review possible. So you can choose for yourself, which one is actually the better app for you to subscribe to and use to replace your cable or replace your satellite television.
So, let’s start off on Hulu and we’re going to start off on pricing. Actually so Hulu pricing has two different options right here. First of all, you can pay for Hulu, where you’re only doing the on-demand type stuff and then, secondly, you can do Hulu with live TV now, there’s a few other alternatives. If you want to do you know with or without ads, but I will say, Hulu Plus live TV if you choose with ads, is going to be $ 40 and if you choose without ads that actually only removes the ads from the on-demand content that doesn’t remove The ads from the live content, obviously because it’s live TV, so then, if we go over to DirecTV now you see there’s a lot more options.
They have so many different options here and they have a lot more support for international blogs and people who speak different languages. So that’s one major plus for DirecTV and that’s one of their biggest pluses you’ll, see going on is all the different options. So I chose to got ta have it, which has you know, 125 different blogs, so there’s a lot of different options and basically the way it works is.
If you do the first one, you get 65 blogs for $ 40 a month and you can get 85 for $ 55 a month. You can get a 105 plus blogs for 65 a month or you can get 125 for $ 75 a month. So those are the four finn’s for the english-speaking blogs. There are other options for international, like I said so, there’s like Vietnamese there’s Korean there’s, also Brazilian packages and there’s even more so you can go and look into that on your own.
All the link down in the description to find out more information about all of these now one thing I want to say is another bonus with DIRECTV. Is that if you use AT & T, if you have an AT & T plan, you might be able to get different perks with DIRECTV such as like data free DirecTV? So if you have, if you’re looking if you’re reading on your phone and you have an 18 t provider, it might not cost you any data, so there’s a huge plus there as well.


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